In Business Coaching for Managers, Project Managers and Teams

With more than 25 years of experience with international teams and organisations in the field of telecommunications in more than 20 countries, I offer you coaching programmes running during your ongoing business for your key managers, projects and teams. I work together with you to lead your team effectively and sustainably to success, in spite of any turbulent changes.

In Business Coaching for Managers, Project Managers and Teams
  • In Business Coaching for Managers, Project Managers and Teams

    From a situation where there is a lack of solution-focus during and after a restructuring process or a merger -> to an organisation that proactively and effectively implements company objectives.

  • In Business Coaching for Managers, Project Managers and Teams

    From a situation of overload, where everything has top priority and the emails can no-longer be worked through -> to a clearly communicated priorities based on customer, shareholder and company long term strategies perspectives.

  • In Business Coaching for Managers, Project Managers and Teams

    From reciprocal finger-pointing, from allocation of blame across departmental boundaries, from conflicts that go on and on for years -> to a shared, appreciative, motivated, effective working together where individual strengths and team strengths are used to their best advantage. that the company objectives and your personal goals are realised!

What is unique about the success of this business coaching method is its clear focus on the business objectives combined with development of leadership and project management skills within the day-to-day business itself – and to profit from this positive effect. Participants need the courage to develop their skills and ways of working; the courage to discover new ways of communicating so that, finally, they can celebrate the success and share their insights and concrete benefits with the program team. 

You can choose from the following “In Business Coaching Modules“ to achieve your business targets with high speed. that the company objectives and your personal goals are realised!

Leadership XLNC – Excellence

to strengthen the bandwidths of your Leadershipstyles

Conversational IQ

to strengthen your communication skills

Team Coaching International Diagnostic

to develop high performing teams

Agile Mentor Sessions

for solution orientation and raise of commitment Moderation Best Practices

360 FeedForward – Gallup Strengths Finder

enable key optimisation potentials

Result Oriented Leadership Sessions

to achieve your TOP 3 Targets and gain from the achieved benefits

Iris has been and is key in helping us with a major organisational transformation (going agile within network engineering/planning/deployment). Iris acts here as the 'Master Agile Coach'. She is extremely experienced, applies her knowledge quickly in order to help her customers in the best possible way. Her coaching skills are highly apreciated within our organisation. She really adds value to our team. Personally I do value her open and honest feedback and her drive to deliver results and so added value. Thank you

Matthias Sauder Telefonica Germany

Iris and I worked together in two projects, experimenting with agile methods in planning and documentation areas.

Iris brought a wealth of experience and excellent coaching skills to the activities and helped me and my teams to some excellent results. In particular, Iris guided us skillfully to take on new roles, leave our well-trodden paths and cover new ground. Her ability is not to force change or spell out what to do, but rather to give the team the concepts and tools to themselves take responsibility for change, thereby taking ownership of the results.

I look forward to working with Iris again.

Wilf Nicoll Telefonica NT Core & Services

Please allow me to thank you personally for your moderation raised our leadership team topic reliability and commitment from all different perspectives during the coaching program. My personal conclusion: The team and individual sessions during the coaching program strengthened our leadership team communication, our trust and commitment. Thanks a lot for making this possible. I hear ‚ reliable, commitment daily from my leadership colleagues.

Mike Kasel I&C Field Operations Luxembourg Artelis Group

The team has now a clear direction and handles conflict and problems constructively:

Transparency with the ongoing tasks and planning.


The team has agreed on common and committed targets

Constructive treatment of challenges based on the system design.

Christian Lerche Dräger Safety

It has been a pleasure working with Iris in our team. Her very professional approach created a high value in the mindset as well as in the performance of the team during a challenging time of transition. A great differentiator to conventional trainings and seminars was the hands-on coaching of the team based on specific topics in our day-2-day business. With her excellent social skills she really helped the team to improve and perform from good to great.

Karsten Erlebach IP & Optical Networks Telefonica Germany

With competence, individual awareness and with empathy, Iris guided me through the jungle of my first project. I was enabled to recognize my strengths and could use them purposeful with her support. The view beyond the edge of the table and the organized best practices experience with other project managers provided me with new insights. The program gave a real added value to my personal and professional development. Thanks a lot once again for your support. I will approach all upcoming tasks full of self confidence. I hope my director will continue with the program.

Silke Scheler Radio Access Telefonica Germany

Thank you very much for support my team and me in the last two years. The strength of Iris is the in Inlife Coaching in communication and process skills to increase the effort of the teams and individual colleagues. Iris is doing the coaching inside the organization with real problems in the day-to-day business. I saw a huge difference to traditional management trainings, because it's reality. I had some management trainings in the past, but the big disadvantage was always the"'virtual" examples of the daily business. Iris is challenging the participants in mindset, behavior and self-reflection. It was great to observe the change of the individuals during the coaching program. I personally learned to see the "world" from different perspectives (political, technical, financial,...) to get a better understanding of complex dependencies. The result of the program are more open minded and well connected colleagues in the complete organization, especially during the merge situation with a lot of changes in a short time.

Frank Duderstadt Telefonica Germany

Iris helped me and the organisation in thinking about our strengths and weaknesses. Her patience and attention during our meetings made the team reflect about the areas where we had chances for improvement on the actions required to make the change happen and on the right attitude to face them. She has got to create a positive thinking environment in the organization, pushing people to reflect on their behaviour and performance as individuals and as a team. The result is an overall increase in positive mindset, confidence and optimistic attitude in front of the strong challenges that our unit faces. Iris has supported me personally in organizing and driving this change and we have got them feel part of it

Juan Carlos Garcia VP Engineering Access and Transport Telefonica Germany

I am looking forward speaking with you about your business targets and sending you time proposals for our first exchanging call:

 I am looking forward speaking with you about your business targets and sending you time proposals for our first exchanging call: