Result Focused Leadership Coaching

to achieve your TOP 3 Targets and gain from the achieved benefits

What coaching is about:

‘Coaches’ help people grow. They help people see beyond what they are today to what they can become tomorrow.

A great coach helps leaders like you and me do extraordinary things. In short, a great coach provides sturdy shoulders to stand on – so you can see farther than you might see on your own.

To be coached successfully you must want to move, to learn, to grow and you must be truly dedicated to spend the time and energy to do so. Coaching isn’t something that happens to you; it happens through you.

As a leader being coached, you will be an active player in the game not a spectator in the second row.’

From James Belasco: `Coaching for leadership’

I am fully committed to be attentively present focusing on your TOP 3 targets while actively listening, giving you FeedForward for obvious and hidden leadership strengths, communication patterns and stones coming across slowing you down. For your TOP 3 targets and involved topics you can choose from a various leadership exercises which best fits strengthening your leadership muscles.

Result Leadership coaching sessions focus on achieving your TOP3 targets so you can celebrate and gain from the resulting benefits.

Result Focused Leadership Coaching

I really enjoyed working with Iris. The success of our sessions clearly benefitted from her deep professional knowledge as well as her broad spectrum of coaching techniques.
Through the skills and methods Iris was imparting, I could definitely gain advantages for my team and myself.

Thomas Braun Telefonica

The Coaching was excellent and extremely helpful.

Jürgen Klaue Telefonica

Hello, I have been working with Iris over the last months in which she has been helping certain members of my team to tackle specific aspects of their leadership& management skills from a coaching perspective. During this time I have been able to see how good progress has been achieved. Certainly, I would recommend Iris for coaching sessions to improve management skills, specially for new managers. Jaime.

Jaime Lluch Telefonica

It was not only a pleasure to be coached by Iris, it was also tough work. She addressed topics open and honest and that way I could develop with her coaching. Many thanks Iris.

Bernd Bergmann Telefónica

The 'Leadership in turbulent times' session has been a real benefit for me. I received a great deal of thought provoking impulses and I got aware of analogies between my private business best practices, that I did not know before. This awareness and learnings will help me definitely to become even more successful and without loosing fun out of my eyes. Thanks a lot.

Peer Minneker E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH

I highly recommend Iris to support any transformation program, especially when it comes to teams going through professional storms putting stress into work and life balance.
Iris utilises a specially tailored methodology that is supported in a wealth of experience in her field, personal communication, total honesty, transparency and tools  that help the team members recognise the current challenging situations and work their way out to the best possible scenario.
In my experience working with Iris, I have seen teams  members part of the “Be more” program, overcoming challenging situations and achieving the next level of mind-set growth. Not only results have been proven valuable but also have enabled me and my team to be prepared for future challenges, especially where the delivery pressure can sometime be too much.

Carlos Rafael Anriquez Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

I had the privilege of working with Iris on a Business Process Consulting assignment relating to the Network Operations in a newly merged telecomms environment.

The merger introduced new technologies and at the same time required a more simplified and effective approach to realise the expected business benefits of the new operation which included a goal to achieve market leading network performance.

Iris whilst already possessing good understanding of the likely outcome took time to gain a more detailed appreciation of the situation. This she did this by taking into account overall business needs, current operations set-up and challenges down to the needs of teams and individuals.

It was her consultative approach combined with emotional and clear analytical intelligence that achieved a win-win outcome at all levels in a potentially conflicting environment.

Highly recommended approach and attitude and intelligence.

Mark Guilfoyle Ericsson

Iris did a great job within a team that worked together for the very first time for a challenging task. I very much appreciate the professional standards of Iris, her expertise and her commitment for results.

Anja Henke Carpe Viam

Time is something, I take care about. I am often busy, so I think twice how to spent my time. Two one hour coachings helped me to - get a clear view of myself - reflect my outcome to others - fill up energy - create a vision Two hours with lasting effects for my daily work. Two hours with lasting effects for my life. Thank you!

Carsten Plischke T-Mobile International

I had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with Iris several times on different project in different countries in the past. I hope I will have again the opportunity to work with her in the future. Iris is really professional; she impressed me so often with her soft skills, her capability to make peoples working together and communication is one of Iris’ strength.

Jean-Marc Guillemoto Nokia Siemens Networks

It is a pleasure to work with Iris, very professional in communication, bringing, people together. like to work with here in the future.

Marco Geurden KPN

Working with Iris is a great pleasure, indeed. She gives my automation project for the mobile network of KPN, the necessary expertise where I can rely on. Bringing people together and create commitment was and still is a key factor in this project where she plays a big role in.

Walter Knoop KPN

Congratulations to all of you for this important achievement, this is a great result!

Considering that this was the first project of this kind in wse, delivered with such a mix of country/regional/global team with different background, and that it has also allowed to build new competency in our region, I cannot be more satisfied.

Thanks and all the best for upcoming AR cases in WSE!

Emanuelle Drera VF Italy consultant project

Iris is very good at communication and bringing people together. With her excellent soft skills she is able to overcome communication problems between different groups or inside a single group.The mentiones skilles are also an advantage in the area of Project Management.

Dirk Kilian NSN global consultant

I particular, they liked very much the Process WorkStream ("…It's the first time we have been proposed such an approach…we appreciated that very much"), so thanks Iris!

Fabio Di Sarno VF Italy

Iris has delivered high value services to clients to help us successfully deliver Opex Reduction projects. Iris has taken ownership and led the people and process orientated tasks and workstreams to successful conclusion whilst maintaining full compliance to the overall projects goals and methodology. We highly recommend Iris to other clients who require process re-engineering projects in the Telco domains. She is able to quickly win trust of employees and utilise this fully yet sensitively within a project goal. Many thanks, Neil

Neil Thorley Business Consultant

In the 6 years we have worked together, I would describe Iris’ working style as a blend of results-based professionalism with warmth and empathy. In the numerous projects we have worked on together over the years, Iris has consistently earned respect for her hard work and openness. She is an excellent listener, highly motivated and a real playmaker. In the role of consultant or facilitator, Iris is an asset to any project team because she can easily bring out the best in others around her to achieve excellent results

John Nicol Nokia Siemens Networks

Iris is very professional and sympathetic person that really can cope with different people. It was really pleasure to see her in action with our customers. I think she is one of the best what she is doing. It is pleasure to know her.

Kari Stenman Nokia Siemens Networks

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