Conversational IQ

Strengthen your conversational Intelligence using C-IQ Catalyst tools

Latest thinking about how leaders and teams can enhance their performance by improving conversations that build trust. Known as Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ), this framework provides insights about how we can effectively connect with others.

By knowing which conversations spark our higher-level brain activity such as trust, integrity, strategic thinking, empathy and capability to process complex situations, we can develop mutual success in teams and organizations.

The ability to work together interdependently is one of our least developed skills yet one that is most vital. The skill of opening to others – and of creating the emotional space for others to open up – requires deep trust. Without trust, leaders and teams struggle in achieving extraordinary results.  

Conversational IQ

C-IQ Catalyst Tool

C-IQ Catalyst Tool is one of a family of powerful measurement tools for individuals and teams. This ‘quick study’ tool unlocks the patterns of conversations and provides a cultural fingerprint of how people at work engage with each other. Understanding how your conversational patterns impact your ability to influence healthy conversations in your life is pivotal to your present and future success.

With a marvellous manner iris understands asking the right questions starting up a thought process as well as a self-reflection. I gained important insights and learnings from the coaching sessions with her which enabled me to moderate even more professional meetings as well as a support for a focussed communication. I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach.

Alexander Hanke MDA3 Unternehmensberatung

The Coaching gave me concrete support for my presentations for team meetings.

Esin Kankaya Telefonica

I wanted to tell you that I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. 1. To believe in myself and not be affected by external factors or behavior of other people. 2. To have more hobbies and spend time on things I like. 3. To tell a colleague to stop directly if he/she say something weird.  You were indeed our very best colleague. You have set the bar very high for other coaches and I feel that they won’t be able to match your level.

Rohini Srinagesh Narasipur dräger safety

My personal experience with trainings on social skills is that it is difficult to transfer what you learned in the training to your day to day work. The coaching approach of Iris overcomes this disadvantage by doing the training integrated in the daily work environment and therefore launching a continuous improvement. What makes Iris so special is the combination of her in depth knowledge of the Telco industry combined with her substantial experience in coaching.

Benjamin Stetter Telefonica

Very good personal Coaching to develop presentation skills and to enhance communication (per Email, via phone and face to face) Those helped to analyze risks and structural changes, to adapt to new situations and to demand and drive decisions. Additionally this enabled a new learning to view situations from different perspectives e.g. from the helicopter perspective, This new perspective helped to achieve a more objective and solution oriented optimized approach. Thanks a lot Iris.

Hajo Schätzmüller Telefonica

Many thanks for supporting my department over the last 2,5 years! Below please see my appraisal to you!
Iris worked with us from April 2012 to November 2014 mainly as Program Manager and as Coach for Project Managers and Teams. I very appreciate her congenialness, her empathy and her communication skills, parallel with her sharp intellect, which together are the basis for her ability to create an atmosphere of openness, trust, and which is focused on performance and target achieving, even under difficult circumstances. This abilities helped her to support us in optimizing our rollout delivery with even target overachievement, in developing a process transformation strategy with enterprise evaluation results, and above all in stabilizing several projects as e.g. the speed up ordering project, which is key for target achievement.
Particularly I very much appreciate her always pleasant way to pro-actively and permanently push us and remember us to take action.
Me and my project managers and colleagues liked working with her very much, and we would be glad to win her again to support us as well for forthcoming challenging projects!

Josef Gigl Telefonica

I'm happy and proud about our cooperation, and the achieved goal Honestly, at the beginning, I was more then sceptism. Now I can recommend everyone, who wants to enlarge, increase, improve, ... himself, the team or company skills, mindset, methods, ..., and so on, to use your professional cooperate.

Matthias Johannes Telefonica

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