Mentor Agile Coach

Benefits for project and agile teams:

  • Project and team achievement transparency for stakeholders - with a 14-day demo as well as visibility from the Team Board.
  • Transparency within the team - through Standups there is a short and regular exchange of information, which supports the cooperation and solution focus within the team.
  • Focus on the top priorities – top customer value impacting topics are first realised.
  • High team commitment for sprint targets realization - early detection and identification of existing optimization potential as well as required strategical customer or stakeholder beneficial changes. Clarity about sprint targets via regular 14-day sprint planning and demo.
  • Continuous development - retros, coaching sessions and Standups enable a continuous development of positive and effective team cooperation. A special focus is on the solution of blockades to strengthen respectful, proactive, solution-oriented teamwork.
Mentor Agile Coach

Agile values and principles adapted for project teams outside of SW development

We value Individuals and Interactions more than processes and tools. Customer Value more than detailed documentation, Responding to Change over following a plan.
Even though there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

We follow the principles:

  • The highest priority is to satisfy the customer and Product Owner through early and continuous delivery of valuable results.
  • The agile team welcomes changes even late in the project. Agile processes use changes for customer competence benefits.
  • The agile team delivers working results frequently for the customers and Product Owner in regular 14-days demos. All interested leaders are welcome.
  • The agile team communicates regularly in an effective exchange according to the agile team and project demands.
  • The agile Produkt Owner Team and involved leaders are providing the agile Team the environment and support their needs and are trusting on the team realizing their comitted tasks.
  • The agile Team communicates proactively, solution oriented and with respect and focus on the sprint targets. The team support each other with solutions for upcoming blockings.
  • The agile Team is open for own continuous development of communication skills and adapts own behaviour with the target to achieve sprint targets with a high performing team. 
  • Results presented in the demo fulfil the expectations of the product owner/ customers and are the key success progress indicators.
  • Simplification, the art to: the art of omitting a number of tasks that are not necessary for the effective achievement of the sprint goal - is essential.
  • The agile team realises fully committed, proactive and solution-oriented Product Owner/Customers sprint targets according to the priorities.
  • The agile team reflects the team positive and effective co-creation in regular schedules and finds solution and realizes those to enable the team optimisation potential towards becoming a high performing team.

Agile Ceremonies

Conclave Target and Benefit: optimal synchronous co-creation – Prioritized Pulse/ Sprint planing/Season/Stage/Project alignment, customer benefit – user stories and definition of done

Pulse-Planing Target and Benefit: Clarification for the agile team about pulse/sprint achievements and customer benefits and „Definitions of Done“ and target priorities. Team commitment for realistic sprint targets.

Standup Target and Benefit: Strengthening effective communication and solution findings for existing blocking with the focus on achieving pulse/sprint targets with the optimal usage of team experience and competences.

Demo Target and Benefit: earliest possible transparency and optimal decisions and fast required adaptation based on customer company strategical perspectives.

Retro Target and Benefit:: Continuous reliable long term improvement with solution creation to enable TOP Optimisation topics to achieve a high performing effective and positive team co creation based on the experience from the last pulse/sprint for the coming pulse/sprint.

Agile Ceremonies

Iris lead and consulted me related to the introduction of agile Teams. With her energy, charisma and self-confidence and supporting changes, she helped me and our teams to gain advantages. She drove new developments and gave our colleagues a voice who wanted to further improve our way of working. With Iris on the side, we realized ideas and our teams as well as our clients perceive real enhancements. And all happened during months! Iris taught me to think in a solution and customer oriented way and to integrate this mindset in my daily work and thinking. It is not the Ego which is important, but the fun factor and the respectful collaboration on an eye-to-eye level. As well to accept boundaries of resource capabilities and performance and act calm, this is what I have learned from her. I am looking forward to our future co-creation and hope soon toe able to witness her experience and crystal clear mindset.

Daniela Koopman Telefonica Germany

Experiencing Iris as Coach and Mentor is very enriching for my business and for my personal development in general.

During the last 1 ¼ years, since Iris conduct me, I have learned to observe Teams and their Players, how they play together, what they need to become efficient, and generate customer value with fun. How to support Teams on their way towards an agile mindset and growth mindset. Each singe intensive even though challenging mentor session brought me a step further.

Iris helps me with her questions to develop solutions for my teams, to grow beyond my boundaries to articulate my doubts and to act on behalf of creating customer value even against my nature.

Doubts and uncertainties appeared on a regular basis. Am I able to realize this, is this the best way forward …. And whenever I had the Courage and the required trust (strengthened by Iris), to go this (new/alternative) way, the results affirmed that this way was right.

The enthusiasm with which Iris conveys her experiences and knowledge is extremely inspiring and catching! Thank you so much, Iris, for this valuable support!

Dietlince Klöss Transformation manager Telefonica Germany

Iris supported me as agile coach in various key and strategical projects (migration of customers to online charging system, 5G SA product definition) involving teams from different departements (Network, IT, Business, Strategy, Partner...). Iris was highly appreciated for here enthousiasm and very efficient way to coach people to reach their project goals. I really enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her!

Boris Widmann Senior Solution Architect Telefonica

Iris has coached our teams to an agile thinking and way of working with and she always committed target oriented to our concrete questions. Working with her was a great pleasure and fun.

Eric Weltersbach Manager Data Services Telefonica Germany

Mrs. Clermont approach for all topics are extremely open and professional and asks the right questions at the right time. She understands not only to foster but also to challenge and that way I could work on my development path. I enjoyes the co creation and the coaching and learned a lot from her. I can recommend 100% the support from Mrs. Clermont.

Markus Hoffmann Telefonica Germany

Thank you for your support for our team and for your deliberate mind you always bring us to the right direction. I learned a lot during the last months.

Sandra Grimm Real Estate Telefonica Germany

Iris is extremely broad-minded for new topics. She brought our team enormous added value especially related to agile environment! Thanks for this!

Thomas Longo Group Leader Core Telefonica Germany

Iris delivered tremendous and critical support for the success of our development projects and programs. Her very high social skills as well as her in-depth knowledge of business coaching techniques and methods represent the building blocks of her work and interaction with individuals and teams. Having a deep understanding of Agile and coaching in general, Iris did an excellent job transferring concepts into daily business work. Iris provided measurable improvement metrics and: The working results and outputs of the teams clearly proved the positive impact of her work. I greatly thank Iris for her outstanding support that she provided to teams, individuals and also personally to me! We would have loved to hire her as a long term employee.

Konrad Seelig Dräger

The team has now a clear direction and handles conflict and problems constructively:

Transparency with the ongoing tasks and planning.


The team has agreed on common and committed targets

Constructive treatment of challenges based on the system design.

Christian Lerche Dräger Safety

I highly appreciate the individual attention for the requirements of each individual person with the view of the overall target achievement. This has always been transparent and hence comprehensible and supported the team tremendously to improve the decision-making processes.

Mikko Werner Dräger Safety

Thank you for anchoring sustainably reliability and commitment in our team, allowing us to improve internal collaboration and quality as outcome.

Bodo Heckmann Artelis Group Luxembourg

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