Iris Clermont AIC Coaching

Business coaching program

for Managers, Project Managers and Teams

With 25 years of experience with international teams and organisations in the field of telecommunications in more than 20 countries, I offer you coaching programmes running during your ongoing business for your key managers, projects and teams. I work together with you to lead them effectively and sustainably to success, in spite of any turbulent changes.

From a situation where there is a lack of solution-focus during and after a restructuring process or a merger -> to an organisation that proactively and effectively implements the company objectives.

From a situation of overload, where everything has top priority and the emails can no-longer be worked through -> to a clearly communicated priorities based on customer, shareholder and company long term strategies perspectives.

From reciprocal finger-pointing, from allocation of blame across departmental
boundaries, from conflicts that go on and on for years -> to a shared, appreciative,
motivated working together where individual strengths and team strengths are
used to their best advantage. that the company objectives and your personal goals are realised!

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