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Recommendations from the back cover of ‘Team Magic’
Great book and very wise words indeed. Neil Thorley, Process Consultant, Nokia Siemens Networks Team Magic is an excellent tool, easy to read that not only highlights the most important components of magical teams, but also gives exiting exercises and clear explanations so work can be developed based on solid team values. Camilo Ahumada, Consultant for Latin America, Nokia Siemens Networks I plan to use this immediately to improve the relationship in my team. Ad Prinsen, Head of IP Engineering at Deutsche Telekom There are a lot of examples which makes the book really practical. Robert Peeters, Mobile Network Developer, KPN Best book about team coaching, fun and easy to read. Hermann Dingels, Product Owner, Ericsson The book includes lots of practical and pragmatic exercises as well as creative solutions.
Markus Barton, Operation Manager, Telefonica

Amazon reviews:
Having read already quite a few business management books I was reluctant to try this one, which I got as present, just to avoid another one of these....

Luckily I stumbled over the Team Magic characters in the small cartoons when flipping through the book.

What an amazing, on point description of working life. Being in business for more than 20 years myself I must say that these living examples and actors in the book are an excellent description of real figures in working life. You really can't stop yourself comparing the virtual Team Magic members with your real colleagues.

Caught by this I started to prepare myself for the eleven Magical Ways for winning teams.

For someone new to team working the book provides easy to read and understandable steps to become a highly effective, successful team member or team leader.
More senior team members and leaders are given the great opportunity to widen their perspective, stretch up their mind, review and rethink their own values.
Processes, exercises and coaching questions round up this brilliant book and show that it has really been written from a hands-on experience.
All of the eleven ways can not only be fruitful in business but as well lead to a balanced work and private life.

Well done!

Highly recommended!

First of all I enjoyed reading this book and to recognize a lot of situations. I like especially the use of the poems and the practical exercises and those helped me to raise our Team motivation and results. Further I enjoyed the creative solutions/examples mentioned. I found it very exciting and useful for my personal live and not only for working live.

Team Magic makes me think. I am sure I will come back to it several times. You cannot learn everything just by reading the book. This is the first step. A person must practice, practice, practice ... and move step by step to more and more magical team and its membership. Overall the book has a good length for a concise read and is practical and pragmatic as well as easy and fun to read.

Rather I have heared many of the toppics earlier.
Rather I know many of the toppics from experience or intuition.
Rather I have planned to internalize these things to my daily work (without success in the past)

Team Magic invites to read some pages, let it sink in, pick up what you need currently, read some more pages again, use the knowledge, read some more pages, ...
I like the structure of the book with information, tips, best practice and exercises which make the know-how concrete.

It is still work to grow, but Team Magic is a very helpful tool to make it a lot easier.

At Amazon and elsewhere you will find lots of books promising you the only solution to create a team and to be a valueable team player. This one is different in an absolut positive way. With the first sentences it is easy to recognize that "Team Magic" is written from somebody who knows what she is writing about. As a reader you will find yourself and all the charakters within your teams(s) not only perfectly described, but also with realistic solutions to handle people and situations. Starting with the layout of the book and the cartoons inside, the book is easy to read and not as boring as some other management books often are. It was not only a pleasure and worth to spend the time to read "Team Magic", it motivates me to go some of the eleven ways together with my team.
Thanks for the "Magic Book"!

Really great book!
Team Magic book has a rare combination of practical experience and entertainment.
Good structured and thanks to vivid cartoons - helps to quickly grab the idea and easy to keep in mind.

I can only agree with the previous reviews, that the book makes one point really clear: reading is one thing, really implementing & practicing is another.

But the book gives you also the numerous exercises to work on. Reading the book, one gets practical guidelines how to start and what to do, which is quite rare.
Books on coaching and training topic tend to be more theoretical, than practical. If you really want to change something in your life - this book is exactly for you!

Having myself an international background, i loved many cross-cultural examples of behavior.

Team Magic, by Iris Clermont is full of surprises. The author takes ideas, concepts and material teams may be familiar with and presents them in a different way. For instance, I was especially impressed by her presentation on positivity. All too often creating a positive attitude turns into positive spinning. Ms. Clermont writes about positivity in a clear and clean way that invites teams to explore what gets in the way of their being positive and what it means for them to be positive. She creates responsibility for teams and team members around this subject and the other subjects she includes. Her exercises are simple, fun and engaging. It would be hard to find reasons not to do them. I would highly recommend Team Magic to teams and individuals that want to discover ways to move forward in magical ways.