Best practices for virtual team success

Author Iris Clermont offers some tips for virtual teams to encourage the use of creativity, have more fun and achieve optimised results.

Working with virtual teams, the first and strongest demand I hear is always that they want more opportunities to meet face to face. In case there is no budget allocated for face to face team meetings, my work as a virtual team coach is to encourage participants to jump over the habit of complaining, to look for alternative, creative virtual, new practices. A proactive first step is to establish a common agreement. 

Key requirements for virtual team agreements

Sharing expectations right at the start of a project

The second step, to share expectations and commitments, supports virtual team members to feel valued and to add value according to their individual strengths. At the start of a project, invest time to share:

These steps will support everybody in getting on to the same page. It will also help avoid conflicts and raise the trust for virtual teams.

Celebrate virtual team success

A third key element to stay on the top wave of virtual team success is to celebrate successes virtually. When did you last celebrate a team success and how? Please feel free to share your way of virtual celebrations with us in the article comments so we all can learn from each other and get more ideas to improve our way of working. Some ideas include: 

I may have never met my virtual colleagues from the UK, Italy, Denmark or Poland just by chance, like my neighbours do, who work around the corner. Instead whenever I am with a client I am aware that each virtual team member has added his or her strengths strengths and experience to the project. This makes me feel different, unique and connected as well as supported on a daily basis. 
I wish you great success and fun with your virtual team, time to listen actively to each other, time to celebrate your successes, time to relax, time to smile, time to acknowledge your colleagues, time for new ideas, the courage to be different, to speak out loud what you see, what you hear, what you think and where your borderlines are.

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