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Team Beats - Inspiration and actions for project leaders and teams from film productions perspectives

For your leadership inspiration you are welcome to immerse into world of film productions. For the next couple of minutes a view with the eyes of a film crew will guide you to new opening up questions and actions for your future project team successes. [read more]

How Teams can profit from Band experiences – where key success is based on: rhythm, sound and atmosphere

How teams and their leaders can profit from music? How can bands inspire their audience? What remains after the band performance on the way home for the auditors? [read more]

Best practices for virtual team success

Published August 2011 by Trainingzone

Positivity positively saves time!

Author Iris Clermont tells how a positive mindset can make all the difference in work performance, and how it can also save time. [read more]

The 26 hour work day

Author Iris Clermont talks about the necessity to prioritise workload in order to be top dog and wave goodbye to unnecessary stress and overtime. [read more]

How to build a successful virtual team

Published by Trainingzone July 2011

Author Iris Clermont tells how you can build, trust and maximise your virtual team results. [read more]

Press Release by Jessica Suter:

Start the New Year with a Winning Smile (and a great team!)

The New Year is full of potential and promise for businesses across the globe and managers are being encouraged to start the year off on the right foot by instilling a positive mindset in their teams with a little help from expert coach Iris Clermont and her new book ‘Team Magic’. [read more]

Open up

Posted by Coach Federation on June 2014

Team coach and Author Iris Clermont intention is to open up your heart, your eyes, your ears, your mind to raise empathy for yourself, for your coachees, your colleagues, your teams, for your organisation and for your friends and family. [read more]