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Open up

Posted by Coach Federation on June 2014  
Team coach and Author Iris Clermont intention is to open up your heart, your eyes, your ears, your mind to raise empathy for yourself, for your coachees, your colleagues, your teams, for your organisation and for your friends and family. Think about moments of your life watching clouds disappearing and the sun starting lightening through. Those open up moments help seeing a clear and transparent view about your vision and what really matters for you. Open up and doors will open up.

  1. Open your ears, your eyes, your mouth, your nose
  2. Open your body and your mind
  3. Open your heart


How many hours of our lives do we walk around, pass by, sit in meetings or sessions without being aware of who we are, how we feel, what we really want, without even noticing anything or anybody around us. The 3 keys and the questions around them are helping me to raise my awareness with my clients and for my life. Please feel free to share and enrich this article with your experiences and thoughts.
The first opening key supports to focus and to sharpen the view for the obvious truth.

  1. Open your ears, your eyes, your mouth, your nose


The second key can make you feel more alive and at the same time raises your presence     for others.

  1. Open your body and your mind



The third key encourages realizing emotions and completes the view to what really matters.

  1.  Open your heart



Congratulations for your courage and ability to change and to act differently, to pay attention and to enjoy the moments of the sun breaking through the clouds so you can see clearly what really matters. Giving a chance to pay attention will change the next moment and the next and the next. Open up and doors will open up for you.
I am more than happy to receive any insights about any changes you recognise when opening up. Please share with me any missing keys to open up. Wish you a great discovery on your way.


Iris Clermont is an international certified coach and process consultant, the author of the book ‘Team Magic’ and a single mother of three teenagers.  During the last 20 years, Iris Clermont has been travelling and working in 20 different countries around the world executive coaching and process consultancy as a combination, mainly in the telecommunications area for corporate companies. Further information can be found from her web page: