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The foundation and basis for successful and efficient teams is trust. One possibility to raise the
trust level is to pay attention and to be aware of your own trust level.
Please find below a Trust questionnaire, evaluation and way forward to support you with analyzing
and raising your level of trust as mentioned in the book ‘Team Magic’ page 102.

Trust Questionnaire (41kb)

Please feel free to use the attached log file for the Stop exercise on page 5 of ‘Team Magic’ for
your review and insights.

Team-Magic-Stop-Exercise-Logfile (14kb)

The fife minutes exercise supports solving conflicts by stepping into the shoes of your colleagues.

5 minutes changing perspectives exercise (235 kB)

An overview: recommended books, Gallup strengths finder and more links to strengths tests to find out more about your skills and strengths. The awareness of own strength helps on the one hand to maximize the team potentials and on the other side to take the best usage out of your potential to take this knowledge into account when deciding for your career path.

Strenght Finder (390 kB)

5 questions from the eagle eye perspective for Leaders and Project Managers, initiating the transformation of looking into a tunnel to seeing alternative solutions from the overall perspective:

5 eagle eye perspective questions (199 kB)

The Handout from May 12 ICF Team SIG session on creating successful virtual teams

ICF Team SIG Virtual successful teams handout:(183 kB)

Establishing a team agreement is the solid basis for a positive and productive teamwork

Teamagreement – Exercise (86 kB)

Whenever the meeting or workshop targets are clearly and specifically communicated and the added value for the organisation, the project and for the company is understood all participants will be able to effectively support achieving the target.

Moderation Best Practices – Evaluation de (96 kB)
Moderation Best Practices (116 kB)

Additionally you find best practices and exercises from the topics of the coaching programmms:

Accountability – Evaluation (176 kB)
Focus – Best Practices (27 kB)
Transparent Reporting (215 kB)
Balanced Decision matrix (109 kB)
Valuable questions for moderators and leaders (270 kB)
FeedForward– Evaluation de (190 kB)
Leading virtual teams (181 kB)

I highly appreciate receiving your Feedback and experiences with those exercises and best practices and wish you great success.