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In Business coaching programmes
Individual Modules out of the full quarterly coaching programs

Quarterly coaching business programme – the procedure

  1. Preparation:
    Clarification of specific, measurable programme objectives, of the intention and the advantages that come out of this for the company and the participants. Clarification of the leaders, project managers, projects and teams who are taking part, along with the name of the programme and the logo.
    Be more Balanced - Be more Driver - Be more Customer focused - Simplicity for Speed - Be more Open - Be Ready to transform - Drive the change - Be more effective are examples for already successfully run programs.
  2. Kick-off:
    Invitation to the organisation with a call for active registration and communication of the objective, intention and scope of the programs.
  3. Realisation of the programme:
    Start of programme measurement, individual sessions, team sessions, project coaching from defining the objectives for the individuals and the programme through to their implementation and attainment.
  4. Celebration of the conclusion and successes of the programme:
    Comparative measurement of the start and conclusion of the programmes
    Ensuring best practice for long-term success in future company objectives and projects.