Iris Clermont AIC Coaching


April 2008 – till present
Position: Free lance  Management -Team--Organizations -Coach,  Author of ‚Team Magic‘,  Project manager and  Process consultant
Clients: Dräger, Bosch, Artelis, Kustermann, Telefonica Germany,  Deutsche Telekom AG Integration und Validation Teams, Wind in Italy, T-Mobile U.K., VF Italien, KPN Niederlande, Nokia Siemens Networks, Ford, Consistec  Engineering & Consulting GmbH,  University St. Gallen, Axel Trapp Elektro-Anlagenbau GmbH & Co KG, Technik-Agentur Euskirchen GmbH

Projects and Program details (click)

Telefonica Germany – 5 Be more Coaching Programs
The key idea of each of the quarter Coaching Programs is the Be more Intention to improve each day.

All Programs started with a target setting of the sponsoring Leader and Manager for their teams and organization for the coming quarter. Each program participant could select out of a topics: Leadership skills, time management, moderation skills, communications, conflict management, virtual leadership, Team motivation their individual concrete and measurable target and benefit for the company.

The key success of these Programs is a product out of the unique combination of Team, individual and project supporting coaching, supporting all program participants with their individual and business targets inside their running projects and business, using the method of detailed observation and concrete feedforward till the targets are achieved.

Involved Projects: DKP, Transport Processes, Speedup Alpha – Delta E2E Rollout, Speedup Ordering, Transparent Reporting, common Radio – Transport Strategy

Involved Participants: VP’s, HO’s & GL and their Teams from Engineering & Access, VP Implementation and Delivery Office HO & Team, Projects Managers from M-Volte, UTS, national roaming Projects

Be more oriented – Drive the change

Program Target: Target for the Transport organization: Become faster and more  effective  via own orientation  and via value free 'green-blue' way of thinking to secure the rollout on the one hand and to prepare for the synergies on the other hand and to succeed the roller coaster drive with an added value for the participant and for TF Germany.


Be more open – Ready to transform

Program Target: Openness requires active, self critical question airing abilities and the courage to cut off ‘Alte Zöpfe’ and  accept  the other way of working, accepting that the processes and tools of others could be the faster and better ones.

Simplicity for Speed

Program Target: When preparing for the coming merger and for the consolidation process, look for simplicity is a key success factor. Simplicity means making the best to eliminate or reduce unnecessary complexity. Stop discussions, when getting into complex unnecessary analysis. Speed applies also to decisions: decide fast, look at the big picture, allow mistakes. Speed is better than engineering perfection.

Be more Driver – Be more customer focused

Program Target: Especially before merger the risk to avoid decisions is high. Be more driver s intention is to move forward with a special customer focus

Be more balanced

Program Target: Discover – Disrupt – Deliver intention to improve every day and to be more balanced with regards to be prepared coping with a high workload challenges and be prepare for present and future market situation. This means finding the optimal balance between Customer focus and Business focus, between Network quality and Rollout Volume and between Work and Life.

Telefonica Germany – Transparency Project
Project Target: Setup of a new department to give a transparent E2E rollout situation including main pitfalls and showing solution options, after closing the regional structure and after focusing on centralization and facing the situation of a close to Zero LTE Rollout. With setting up a strong team and introducing a transparent weekly management report presented in the weekly rollout board with methods of key messages and corrective actions for all involved rollout teams from radio, transport, implementation and operations and established a pro active X.30 rollout process machinery the rollout targets could be met.

Additionally a Process optimization Project with the target to raise the Integration success rate from 40% to >80% has been initiated to minimize the reject integration rate long term. The key success method was to STOP finger pointing and to START future avoiding strategies e.g. changing working process or training external partners together with all involved teams from GU, planning, implementation and operations. 


Deutsche Telecom AG - Process optimization
Project Target: Alignment and optimization of existing processes for all international integration and validation teams. My role was leading the Project of optimizing the organization, the roles and responsibilities in agreement with all involved VP’s, HO’s and their teams and the realization including Team end Executive coaching and strengthen of  communication skills  and supporting the decision making process.

O2 Germany Operation efficiency Project
Project Target: Alarm and site visit reduction for Radio access and Core including the design of a customized new developed reporting tool. My role was the Project manager and Process Consultant for the Nokia Siemens Team. 

KPN Netherlands, Alarm Reductions and Automation Project
This Project received a Testimonial  from KPN and an Innovations price  inside  NSN for the outstanding success of designing a customized successful tool with an international virtual team
The Project Target was the development and Implementation of a new automation tool to save energy in the 2G access area. To be able to achieve the target the introduction of new processes, competence transfer and teambuilding of 8 different teams was required.
My task was the lead of the project inside virtual developer team, moderation of the NSN and KPN meetings as well as the process optimization.  The Development team received a Innovation price for the successful international and virtual cooperation.
Placing the coaching experiences, focus on solutions and strengths, clarify targets and expectations supported the team to use their full potential for the project success and to find solution for all upcoming risks and pitfalls.

Wind Italy
Project Target: Assessment and 2G access alarm reduction 2G. My role consisted in the motivation of the Monitoring Teams to realize the changed processes and to implement continuous improvement. (Testimonial was received for this project)

T-Mobile U.K.
Project Target: Clarification of a conflict in the area of spare parts and site visits with the target and saving of > 1.5 Mio Euros with the involved parties: T-Mobile – Ericsson as Contractor – NSN as supplier
My role was solving the conflict with clarification of the transparent process including fact based figures and to achieve an agreement between all involved parties.

VF Italy
Project Target: raising the effectiveness of the operational teams. My role consisted in motivating different teams from Monitoring, Back Office and Field Force to use best practices and realize new ideas to speed up existing processes. A regional competence reporting was established to raise the cell availability (Testimonial available)

Team Coaching for numerous different international Teams
Target was solving long term conflicts, clarification of roles and responsibilities and to strengthen the individual and team motivation.  My task was finding the most important targets for the teams and for their and to support the teams achieving the their key targets via active questioning, team exercises, Feedforward from observations, the usage of metaphors and  Team Analysis Tools (see References below).

Executive coaching
Target of the Executive coaching was to support the Manager with optimization skills required for his/her business e.g. communication skills, time management, decision making, conflict management, risk management, Strategy thinking, career planning, strength finding.

April 2004 - März 2008 (4 Years)
Position: Business Consultant for Nokia Networks
Telefonica, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, Elisa, Porta, 3GIS and Mobilcom in Switzerland, Ecuador, Chile, Greece, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary and in Finland.

Projects in detail (click)

T-Mobile NL Site Visit Reduction Project for 2G
The aim was a 2G Radio Access Site Visit Reduction of 30%. My role was leading the project and to motivate all 6 involved teams from T-Mobile as well as all external partner companies to use the best practices according to the new processes and to improve those continuously.

T-Mobile NL Competence Transfer Project in the 3G area
Target of this project consisted in the introduction of effective 3G Radio Access alarm handling processes. My task was to coach the Nokia Access Expert to run the process optimization project with T-Mobile NL. (Reference)

Assessment Project with 3GIS in Sweden
The target and my role concentrated on assessing the monitoring engineers from 3GIS in Sweden to evaluate their professional status and to handout a monitoring engineering a certification with the assessed level of competence.

Operation Efficiency Project with Orange in Switzerland
This target consisted of process optimization for Orange monitoring teams. My role was to run an Assessment for the Teams as well as the introduction of best practices, the design of new processes und new Reports in agreement with the Operation Manager.

Elisa Finland 3G Readiness Project (existing Testimonial)
This project target consisted of the introduction of 3G to the operational and network planning business for Elisa. My task was the lead of the project and the alignment with the Teams of the operational area as well as from network planning.  My tasks included a 3G readiness assessment and an alignment with the Managers to agree on the required next steps to implement solutions. Another task was to bring different teams together on a weekly basis and to analyze and solve the top priority topics and to agree on the next actions, inform the management about the actual status and to motivate the teams to realize the coming steps.  

Elisa Alarm Reduction Project (Testimonial)
Target of this project was an alarm reduction of 80%. My role was leading the project. The special challenge was succeeding with <= 3 meetings with the client and run the project mainly from the distances This challenge could be handled with open and honest communication and with strong teambuilding, awareness of the strengths and expectation of each of the project team members as well as through regular well structured TelCo’s and transparent reports.

Elisa Network Planning Assessment
The project target laid in the harmonization of   network planning tool landscape. My tasks focused on collecting Improvement ideas and Feedforward from 4 teams in 3 regions and to establish an agreement to decide and to use the optimized network planning tools in all regions.

Polkomtel Poland
Target was an Alarm Reduction of 99% including the tasks to motivate Teams from 4 different regions to achieve this target effectively and to optimize it continuously and long term adding their own ideas.

Porta Ecuador Operational Efficiency Project
Project Target and my role: Assessment and report for the fault management area including analysis of the current reality as well as efficiency and OPEX reduction proposals

Telefonica Chile Operational Efficiency Project
Project Target: Running an Assessment of 6 Teams including the resulting presentation to the CTO and to his managers in the fault management operations area.

Mobilcom Austria Operational Assessment Project
Project Target: Assessment Report including optimization proposals in the areas of Fault management – Performance Management – Configuration Management in 3 Regions.

Sunrise Switzerland Operational Assessment Project
Project Target was an Assessment Report with OPEX Reduction proposals.

VF Ungarn Operation efficiency Project
The target was an OPEX Reduction.  My role next to the lead of an Assessment to coach the  Management in the operational area to raise Team motivation  and effectiveness and to optimize the cooperation between  NSN and VF Hungary Teams.

Telefonica Spain Alarm Reduction Project Core and 2G/3G Radio Access
The target was  the reduction of alarms for 2G and 3G Radio Access 2G und 3G as well as for the Core Area, My key task consisted of a close cooperation with all involved Teams in Madrid  to support them working according to the changed best practices proecesses.

Telecom Italy Operational Efficiency Assessment Project
Project Target was an Assessment Report focusing on OPEX Reduction proposals.

O2 Germany Alarm Reduction and automation Project
Target was the Alarm Reduction of 80% and a Site visit Reduction of 30%. My role was motivating all involved teams from 4 regions to work according to the best practices. (Testimonial)

O2 U.K Alarm Reduction Project 2G and 3G
The target consisted in OPEX reduction focusing on alarm and Site Visits Reductions (Testimonial available) My role was leading an Assessment, realizing the Optimization outcome in alignment with the involved managers in close collaboration of all involved teams.

April 2000 - März 2004 (4 Years)
Position: International Care Manager and Project Manager including 2 DSL Rollout Projects in Germany, Lead of the Project teams and profit –loss responsibility.
Colt Telecom, Quante, Atlantic Telecom in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Celox and Teleos.

April 1993 - März 2000 (7 Years)
Position: GSM-System-Expert, Radio Access Expert for Nokia Networks
E-Plus, O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Sonera, Vodafone, Elisa, Connect Austria

Januar 1990 - März 1993 (3 Years and 3 Months)
Position: International Project Manager for Ericsson, Design and Test of GSM-Systems in Madrid and Stockholm. Project lead for international Teams who developed GSM Test Tools.

1984 - 1990
Studies of mathematics diploma at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule in Aachen and work as a scientific lecturer and assistant.

Personal Qualifications:

  • Business and Team Coaching > 12 years of experience including 7 * ‚In Business‘ Quarterly coaching programs
  • Moderation, Team Motivation and clarification of roles and responsibilities, conflict management, risk management. Strengthen responsibilities and accountabilities, speed up decision making process
  • Focus on company strategies, on customer and shareholder perspectives
  • 16 years of international Project Management experience including 5 years of Rollout Projects and 8 years of OPEX reduction projects.
  • Process optimization > 8 years in > 20 international Projects,  14 Projects with Radio Access focus
  • Telecommunications Access and Core  Expertise > 6 years
  • Management Expertise with Suppliers > 4 Years.
  • Strengths: Maximizer, Activator, Arranger, Empathy
  • Languages: German; fluent: English, Basics: Spanish and French

Transverse flute  - singing / band - running - swimming – racing bike – cross-country skiing